The Ultimate Pipe Flashing Tool
Lifetime Tool & Building Products is a company that was started by an actual "Roofer".  
Knowing the #1 reason why a roof leaks: the pipe flashings.  Lifetime Tool & Building Products has created one of the BEST pipe flashings the industry has to offer.  GUARANTEED TO OUTLAST YOUR NEW ROOF!

BluDog ROOFING LLC not only "HIGHLY" recommends the Ultimate Lifetime Pipe Flashings with the Easy Sleeve but installs them on every roof !  No upgrade in price.  No call backs in 5-8 years for a leaking collar.

This is, HANDS DOWN, Kim Sammon's (owner of BluDog ROOFING) favorite roofing accessory the industry has to offer.  Don't let knockoffs fool you; they don't compare.  - Check out the video below, we're certain you will agree!
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